HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A prominent doctor in Huntsville is being accused by his former employees of writing bad payroll checks, leaving them without money to pay for their home expenses. 

Dr. Roger Stanmore, the owner of Premier Urgent Care, is being accused of not keeping proper payroll by former employees.  

News 19 reached out to Stanmore several times to answer some of these accusations from former employees of bounced checks.

Back in 2014, according to court records, Stanmore was the primary owner of Decatur Medical Services when the business was shut down when employees walked off the job to protest Stanmore for repeatedly failing to meet payroll.  

Jaycine Kennedy, a former manager at Premier Urgent Care in Hartselle, told News 19 that she is speaking up because she needs money, and the financial irresponsibility needs to stop. 

“If that person worked so hard for your company you need to pay them their labor and they need to give me the money that they owe me,” said Kennedy. “With all of that money that he has he could at least fulfill your payroll promises to the people that work hard for you.” 

Stanmore settled the financial lawsuit in 2018. He owned several family practice locations, but they have recently closed.  

Kennedy says that she worked Monday through Saturday as the only full-time employee. She alleges that the company failed to pay her for nearly 150 hours of work by writing her bad payroll checks that have hurt her daily living. 

“There are employees that work there now that had to get their checks re-written a couple of times before they got one,” she said. “When you have delinquency in your finances and inventory it shows with your company. The least you can do when you don’t have inventory is pay your employees and he couldn’t do that.”

Calls, emails and visits to Premier Urgent Care have gone unanswered.