Family of teen killed after fleeing Saraland Police want answers

Alabama News

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The family of a teen killed in a crash fleeing Saraland police spoke to sister station WKRG about what happened.

Saraland Police report Amir Madhi’s car left the roadway. Alabama State Troopers report the car hit a tree. The family came out and saw a damaged mailbox and debris scattered all over. Now they have questions and want answers.

Amir’s stepmother Jennifer Beverly said, “This is what he had on last night… We don’t know where the other shoe’s at. It might be on him, or we don’t know.”

Saraland Police do not name Amir Madhi in their statement. The department says an officer stopped a car for running a red light. As the officer approached the driver, the report states the car sped away south toward Highway 45. Police said an officer found the car, which is where state troopers say it crashed into a tree.

Beverly said, “I’m feeling like it’s some really going on in the story that the police gave us because there’s gaps and coming out here, looking at the crime scene, I’m really thinking something is going on that the story that they gave was not right.”

She said she has more questions than answers about what happened to her stepson. “We didn’t even know about the running light part. They didn’t even tell us that. The state trooper came and told us that he went on a high-speed chase and that he lost control of the car and he was ejected out of the car,” Beverly said.

She wants answers not only for herself but for her stepson’s children. She said, “He has a 4-year-old daughter that will never see him, and he’s got two more on the way.”

A passenger who was in the car at the time of the crash survived. The family said they’re waiting until he’s out of surgery to talk to him. Beverly said, “We are going to speak to him, we going to just wait until the anesthesia wears off so we can get the whole truth.”

The family said there’s also been trouble getting Madhi’s car back. They said Prichard Police have the car and there is a hold on it for the investigation.


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