HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The family of Ja’marious Logan gathered to pray for renewed strength as the search for the missing 15-year-old continues. 

It’s been three weeks since Logan disappeared, and the family said they can only do their best to keep the faith and remain hopeful that he returns home safely. Since his disappearance on September 25, the family and supporters have canvassed their community. 

They can be seen handing out flyers, giving whatever leads they could find to investigators and gathering with faith leaders for spiritual guidance and prayer during the challenging search for Logan. 

“We need God in the midst of this because it’s been too long that he’s been missing,” said Ayyce Crutcher, pastor of Church 2.0 in Huntsville. 

Aaron Bennett of The Kaden Gardener Project, which brings awareness to child abuse, said that he came to join the family from the Shoals to offer support.

“This is one thing that has been tragic, but us praying and coming together is going to be very beneficial to finding the young Ja’marious,” said Bennett.

Logan was last seen at his home near the L-R Patton apartments in Huntsville and law enforcement believes his life could be in danger. The community is hopeful that through prayer someone will come forward. 

“If the community is rallying together in prayer, then that prayer is going to tug on somebody’s heart to say that, ‘I’ve seen this,’ or ‘I may know where he is,’ or ‘I may know who he was around at that time,’ so prayer is powerful,” Bennett said.  

Logan’s family said that police have offered them very few leads in his disappearance.  

The Huntsville Police Department urges anyone with information about Logan’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact Investigator April Payne at (256) 427-5044 or call (256) 722-7100.