Event marks 60th anniversary of Montgomery sit-in against segregation

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Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., left, and Tuskegee attorney Fred Gray break into laughter at a joke told by a speaker at a political rally in Tuskegee, Alabama, April 29, 1966. (AP Photo/Jack Thornell)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A three-day event is marking the 60th anniversary of the first Alabama sit-in against racial segregation.

Five of the surviving demonstrators will be on hand Monday for a remembrance at Alabama State University in Montgomery. Civil rights lawyer Fred Gray also will participate.

A student sit-in began on Feb. 25, 1960, at the Montgomery County Courthouse snack bar. Thirty-five black women and men asked to be served in defiance of the city’s segregation law. They were inspired by similar sit-ins in North Carolina.

Then-Gov. John Patterson made Alabama State expel any students who participated by threatening its state funding.


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