BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors will be performing at two Alabama cities during their “Let’s Go Somewhere” tour, the band’s first post-pandemic tour. 

The first concert will be during the Mason Music Fest at the Avondale Brewing Company on Aug.13. Another show will be at the John Emerald Distilling Company in downtown Opelika on Sept.15. 

As the band’s lead singer and songwriter, Drew Holcomb will be joined by guitarist Nathan Duggar, bassist Richard Burnsville, drummer and keyboardist Ian Miller. His wife and fellow band member Ellie Holcomb will also join him for a show in Waco, Texas. 

Holcomb discussed the upcoming shows Birmingham and Opelika, as well as his tour as a whole with CBS 42 in an exclusive interview. He says the theme of the tour will be based on the single “I Need to Go Somewhere.” 

“It was a song about getting a kind of cabin fever [during the pandemic], a ‘I want to get out of the house and take a trip,’ type feeling,” Holcomb said. “And so in some ways, that’s sort of the theme of this tour, it’s us getting back on the road.” 

Holcomb’s songs are often praised due to their lyrics relating to everyday family life. Holcomb says he gets inspiration in many different ways, especially while being with his family of three. 

“Because I have three kids, married and come from a large family, a lot of my own experience kind of leaks through those lenses into my songs,” Holcomb said. “I’m definitely a pretty autobiographical songwriter in a lot of ways, and so my life kind of permeates my work.”

Another way Holcomb’s songs come together is from observing moments in life, both special and mundane. 

“Songs can come from anywhere. I’ll look at a newspaper and try to find like 10 or 12 words or phrases to write down in a notebook,” Holcomb said. “It can come from a movie that I’ve watched or a conversation I’ve had or a book that I’ve read.” 

When asked about the differences between performing in bigger cities compared to smaller towns, Holcomb says the contrast lies in the audience itself.

“I think smaller towns don’t get as much music as the big towns and so they tend to be more excited about it,” Holcomb said. “So you get more multi-generational fans, kids running around with their grandparents.”

When it comes time to perform onstage, Holcomb says he enjoys the reaction from the crowd. Whether it’s from the joyful “Family” or a more somber song like “American Beauty”, he hopes that people leave the venue feeling connected to one another via the concert experience.

“I just hope they feel like they had a good time or were able to escape the pressures of everyday life for a night,” Holcomb said. “And to look around the room and go, ‘we’re all in this together’, that we’re more alike than we think or than we see on social media.”

Tickets for the upcoming shows can be found on Drew Holcomb’s official website.