DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — For the last year, it’s been a hard but incredible journey for Carol Nix, wife and around-the-clock caregiver of Danny Nix — an Army veteran who was involved in a recent health crisis.

Almost a year ago today, Danny Nix suffered a life-changing health scare. However, he still dreams of being able to accomplish one of his passions: rebuilding a 1949 Ford F-150 from scratch.

On June 8, 2022, Carol Nix was renovating their bathroom when she stumbled upon her husband, who had collapsed on his back — she believed he possibly overexerted himself. Carol Nix performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

“They worked on him for 20 minutes, and he went into V-Fib and had to be in ICU for three weeks,” Nix said. “It’s really hard because it’s the first time having to care for somebody in a manner that has completely changed your path in life. For all intended purposes, he shouldn’t be here, but by the grace of God he is.”

20 years before the accident, Danny Nix, a Gordon native, served in the Army for 25 years in the infantry where he fought in the Gulf War. He retired from Fort Lewis Washington about a decade after the war and moved back home with his wife.

Carol Nix is now looking for help fulfilling her husband’s dream, which was a work in progress before the injury. Nix’s passion is to rebuild a 1949 Ford F-150, but his collapse has hindered his ability to get around and affected his short-term memory.

With Wiregrass being a veteran community, Carol Nix is hopeful someone will offer their expertise.

“We just need to find someone to get it together for him because I sure would like him to ride in that truck and say he did it,” she said.

Carol Nix wants to thank family and friends who have helped with anything during the journey.

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