CORRECTION: Service dogs are allowed on the beaches.

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — A beach is the place for friends and family to hang out, but not all welcome pets. The City of Gulf Shores has a law that prohibits all dogs and pets except service dogs. But some people are not taking it seriously.

Steve Jones, a city of Gulf Shores councilman, says this law needs to be taken more seriously. He says residents and visitors need to respect the city by doing so.

“People appear to either not be recognizing that law or are ignoring it, and they will take their dogs on the white sand beaches most of the time, and if they do business and it’s not cleaned up, and that is a safety and a health issue,” Jones said.

In a recent council meeting, city leaders discussed that there has been a recent trend of dogs being walked on the beach, even when there is signage regarding the no pet law.

“We are not un-pet friendly and we do not dislike pets, but it’s a health, a safety issue as I was saying earlier, and you never know what a pet might do if confronted by a child or person,” Jones said.

Debbie Pratt, visiting the Gulf Coast from Indiana says she has dogs but knows not to bring them to the beach with her. She wants everyone to do the same.

“I think they need to keep these beautiful beaches beautiful and obey the law,” Pratt said.

Dogs are allowed to be at the beach if they are on a boardwalk or parking lot, but the minute they step foot onto the white sand, you could get fined $100 to $500 plus up to $370 or more worth of court fees.

The City of Gulf Shores asks all residents and visitors to respect the law and the beaches and to leave your furry friend at home while you are at the beach.