WARRIOR, Ala. (WIAT) — A church in Warrior welcomed a television star to their church on Sunday to speak during their morning service.

After over an hour of music and opportunities to give money offerings, a man dressed in a long, leather trench coat, donning an “I don’t do demons” pin, took the stage at Church International. 

“It is our pleasure and our honor today to host a man and woman of God here at this Sunday morning service,” Robin D. Bullock said.

Amidst applause, Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and wife Francie Frane Chapman emerged from stage left. 

“My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades,” were Dog’s first words as he took center stage with tasseled sunglasses. 

Before they began, Dog prayed over the service, “evicting” demons and “imps” in the name of Jesus. Afterward, Francie began telling the testimony of their relationship. Her previous husband, Bob, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a bone marrow cancer, in 2016 before passing away two years later.

Francie candidly spoke about her addiction to Adderall, which she said was conquered after “wrestling with the devil all night long” one day. 

She went on to say that six months following his death, Francie learned through a friend that Dog’s wife Beth also died after a battle with cancer. The two eventually connected months later when Dog called Bob’s phone. The connection between the two men was not explained during the service.

At this point, Dog and Francie trade places and Dog takes the stage, giving his own backstory, starting with his previous wife’s cancer diagnosis.

“I was thinking felonious thoughts about the doctors about how they lied to me, and how she was gonna make it,” Dog said. “And then I called Deepak Chopra. And he told me about the marijuana and the THC and that could help. And I went to the doctor and said, ‘Is that right?’ ‘Well, yeah, but we weren’t trained in that.’ … I hadn’t done a felony in over forty years, but I was ready again.”

Francie laughed off his comment, saying that must have been why God put her in his life.

“But I will do misdemeanors!” Dog said. 

“No, you won’t!” Francie countered. 

Toting a small firearm, Dog paced the stage, telling his story interchangeably with Francie popping in. 

After Beth’s death, Dog said he was lonely. He said he only had his two dogs – Lola and Duke – to go home to, and his eleven children. 

“I told Beth, ‘I’ll never get married again.’ She goes, ‘Yes you will and here’s the list of who you better not marry,’” Dog said. “And there was about ten names on there. And about the first five, I was thinking they might be available.”

Dog kept thinking about how much he needed “a mate,” just as God had given Eve to Adam, he said. 

So one night, Dog said he drew a circle in the snow with his boot around his car, “consecrated” the ground as “holy ground” and began praying for a wife. 

“I said, ‘Lord, I hate to be a pervert, and it ain’t just for that,’” Dog said. “But I need a mate.”

He began speaking in tongues, covering his issue “in English and in heavenly language,” he said. 

“‘Lord God, in the name of Jesus, I need a woman, and here’s what I want,’” Dog said he prayed. “‘I need a tall, skinny, Holy-Ghost-filled woman. And that’s what I want, Lord.’ I had never had that.”

Dog said he finally understood that he could ask God for a woman and didn’t have to “keep staring.”

One thing led to another, and Dog and Francie ended up on a coffee date, where Dog said he felt confident he would not want to date her for several reasons. 

For one, Francie wore cowboy boots; Two, Francie had hands that reminded him of his mother; And three, Francie was a widow (which he repeatedly mentioned throughout the story).

“She was a widow, so I wasn’t gonna hit on her,” Dog said. 

On the other hand, Francie, his now sixth wife, said when she touched Dog’s hand that day, she got a “full download” on who he was and could immediately tell he was a loyal man. 

While at Francie’s house one night, Dog saw her deceased husband’s belongings and begins talking to him – describing himself as an “all-around good guy” and a “slayer of dragons.” Even then, Dog said he had no intentions of dating Francie.

Dog later goes to church with Francie, where he said he heard his name “in Holy Ghost” while the pastor was speaking in tongues. When the pastor’s wife came to the stage with the translation, she said God was saying to his “Warrior son” that what he had prayed for was right in front of him. 

“And all of the sudden, I looked more at her than her feet,” Dog said. “And I went up and down that white girl. I said, ‘Oh, la, la.’”

After the church service, the two went to see the new “Jumanji” movie. Prior to walking in, Dog, speaking to a friend of his who worked at the theater, made a request that no one be let in the theater room. Francie said she thought he was joking.

“There’s nobody in (the theater), so I said, ‘Do you wanna kiss?’” Dog said. 

“No,” he said emphatically, mimicking Francie.

“Just a little one?” Dog continued. “I go ‘pop!’ I got her, kissed (her) real quick.” 

Dog said Francie wiped the kiss off her lips. 

According to Dog, he fell in love that night. For Francie, it had happened much earlier.

The two were married on Sept. 2, 2021, celebrating their second wedding anniversary this year.

“I got an Eve,” Dog said, ending the service.