DADEVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — A blanket of grief hovered over Dadeville Tuesday as residents wait for more answers from police after four people were killed and at least 32 were injured in a shooting at a Sweet 16 party Saturday night.

Right now, community members don’t know how to feel with no indication of arrests or suspects named in the tragedy. Who did it and why are two questions echoed across the city.

Barber and pastor Rod Siggers has been checking on the teens he works closely with since Saturday night’s tragedy.

“A lot of them are in shock. They’re still trying to figure out what happened,” Siggers said. “They’re still trying to figure out if they’re ever going to see some of their friends again.”

Siggers said it’s a shattering reminder that evil still exists.

“Here we are several days in, still don’t know what’s going on,” Siggers said. “We still don’t know why. We’re heartbroken but we’re still standing together, we’re still encouraging one another.”

Dishwasher and caterer Rhoda Ewing at Me Ma’s Grub Hub said they’re just trying to get back to normal.

“It bothers me because it was so close to home for all of us and they need to catch him before they do it again,” Ewing said. “Everyone’s still worried because they don’t really know what’s happened. We only know what the TV says.”

This is a concern shared by customer Tasevia Davis.

“I didn’t know how to feel. I went into my house and I’m like I don’t even feel safe because we don’t know where he’s at or what move he’s going to make next,” Davis said. “Who could think of taking children’s life like that? They keep on retaliating after that because I have kids and I think about it. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Everyone wants the answers to these questions, and Siggers said he understands it will take time because of the magnitude of the tragedy.

“There’s a lot of forensics they’re having to go through, and a lot of folks are putting pressure on law enforcement – we want answers, we want more answers,” Siggers said. “Our law enforcement would love to have answers also so if anyone out there knows anything please let them know also to lead to some arrests.”

The last update received from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency was on Monday afternoon.