Birmingham, Ala. (WIAT) — Alabama Senator Doug Jones (D-AL), who will lose his Senate seat in January to Republican Tommy Tuberville, is considered a top candidate for attorney general under the Biden administration.

Some lawmakers in the Birmingham area say Jones’s personal relationship with Biden is a good selling point, but his resume as a prosecuting attorney is what’s most impressive.

“I think he meets all the requirements for attorney general,” attorney Jon Saxon said.

Saxon has known Jones for some time, but Jones has known Biden since the 1970s and was even there when Jones was sworn into the Senate.

“When Doug was sworn in, he wanted former Vice President Biden to be on the floor with him and that was done, which was a very significant thing,” Saxon said.

Saxon says cases like the 1963 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing and the prosecution of Klan members and domestic terrorists make Jones a great fit for what Biden’s agenda.

“What better person better to have as attorney general who had prosecuted the Klan? So, I think that would fit very neatly into the priorities of this administration,” Saxon said.

Former U.S. Attorney for Alabama’s North District Jay Towns says Jones’s ability to get along with both sides of the aisle is another strong asset.

“He understands the Justice Department—how to navigate those waters—and they are often turbulent,” Towns said.

If Jones isn’t the choice, Saxon believes the senator will still have the president-elect’s back.

“He will have a very good relationship with the president of the United States and with the vice president [with] whom he served in the Senate for 3 and half years,” Saxon said.

Saxon also cites Jones serving in the Senate as another plus, saying he understands the political aspect of working with and for the courts.