BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The state of Alabama’s Washington delegation is putting a great deal of time and effort on the U.S. Space Command’s relocation to Huntsville. The move would bring some 1,800 jobs to Alabama.

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville is calling out the Biden administration for the way he said it is allowing politics to come into play in U.S. Space Command making its home in Huntsville.

“It’s just amazing that we are putting politics before national security,” Tuberville said. “Obviously, the Biden administration is looking for any possible way to move it to a blue state. This is all about politics. This is all about the Colorado delegation putting pressure on Schumer and Pelosi and Biden.”

Congresswoman Terri Sewell is no fan of Tuberville’s, calling the senator reckless in a recent press release on the matter.

However, Sewell agrees with Tuberville on the issue of U.S. Space Command that Huntsville is the right choice.

”Well, I’ve repeatedly made it clear to the White House and to the Air Force that Huntsville won this competition fair and square,” Sewell said.

Sewell does have concerns that Tuberville’s actions relative to holding up military promotions, citing military policy over abortions, could have an impact on where U.S. Space Command ends up.

“Huntsville is clearly the best place for Space Command to be located, and I hope that this decision won’t be negatively affected by Senator Tuberville’s actions in military promotions,” Sewell said. “But I’m mighty afraid it will be.”

On Wednesday’s press call, CBS 42 asked Tuberville about his blocking of military promotions and if he feels it’s playing a role in the space command controversy. He does not.

His office emailed CBS 42 later to further press the point that it does not believe blocking military promotions is a factor in the space command relocation issue.

The email reads in part Tuberville “has only had his holds in place for three months. The battle with Colorado over retaining space command has been going on for two years.”