SMITHS STATION, Ala. (WRBL) — Sunday was supposed to be a day of gathering for the Napiers; But instead, Krystal and Lee Napier invited friends and family to their home for a memorial to honor their loved ones who tragically died in a car accident the previous night.

According to Russell County Coroner Aurthur Sumbry, an SUV rear ended a semi-truck on US Highway 80 East in Phenix City near Garrett Harrison Stadium Saturday night. Husband and wife, Jimmy Napier Jr., 33 and Ami Napier, 32, were in the driver and passenger seat while their two children were in the back seat.

Jimmy and Ami were pronounced dead on the scene.

Their children, Hudson Napier, 8, and Grayson Napier, 4, were life flighted to an Atlanta hospital with serious injuries. Hudson later succumbed to his injuries.

Family members said Grayson is speaking and in stable condition at the hospital. He suffered multiple broken bones, fractures, bruising and lacerations.

He is currently in a cast from the waist down and wearing a neck brace due to the severity of his injuries. Jimmy and Ami’s parents have been by Grayson’s side since he was life-flighted to the hospital.

Krystal, Jimmy’s aunt, said the moment she found out about the accident, her heart dropped.

“It was surreal,” said Krystal. “You’re doing the motions, but you’re like, ‘This isn’t real. This can’t be real. This is…they were so young. This is not happening. We can call them. We should be able to call them.’ But that wasn’t what we had to do. And we knew we had to stay strong.”

Friends and family decorated Jimmy’s truck with baseballs, photos and a Smiths Station Knuckleheads jersey with his favorite number: 13. Jimmy and Ami spent much of their time at the baseball fields, as their 8-year-old played little league.

Ami’s best friend, Holly Morris, reflected on the moment she realized their lives were forever changed.

“I just hugged them [my children],” said Morris. “I held them close because I can’t even imagine to lose my babies, let alone a best friend, a husband, a wife, anything like that. And just for all three of them to be gone is absolutely heartbreaking.”

Morris’ daughter, Kynlea, considered Jimmy and Ami as her second set of parents.

“I was with them all the time,” said Kynlea. “Jimmy would pick me up from school. Amy would be my listening ear if I couldn’t tell my parents something. So it’s just really hard knowing that I didn’t even get to tell them bye.”

Since Jimmy was a Los Angeles Lakers fan, Jordan High School students trickled in with purple and yellow balloons in hand. They describe Jimmy as their favorite teacher – saying he was funny, caring and dependable.

“He would always hype me up,” said Jordan High sophomore, Kaylynn Maddox. “When I’m sad, he used to bring me up. And he was my best friend. This is a sad moment for me. And that was like, my school dad.”

Just before sundown, everyone gathered in front of Jimmy’s car to release balloons in honor of the family. The balloons flew into the air in a direct line toward Jimmy and Ami’s house; loved ones said this was their sign from above.