DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — On Wednesday, the CEO of Visit Dothan was indicted on federal bank fraud charges of an Iowa-based music festival.

The indictment states that Aaron McCreight, who was CEO of Go Cedar Rapids (GoCR) in 2018, was involved in overseeing, planning, and loans related to a music festival called Newbo Evolve.

According to court records, McCreight is accused of being involved in fraud that saw Newbo Evolve lose over $2 million.

Court documents show McCreight signed an agreement saying he plans to plead guilty.

Below are the Court records showing the court indictments.

In a statement, the Board of Directors of Visit Dothan decided unanimously to retain McCreight in his current role as President and CEO of Visit Dothan.

“The Board of Directors of Visit Dothan recently met and voted unanimously to retain Aaron McCreight
as its President and CEO. The Board reached this decision after careful consideration of the present
facts and circumstances surrounding the 2018 music festival event held during his tenure at Go Cedar
Rapids in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where Aaron has now admitted guilt, expressed remorse, and a federal
judge will rule on a punishment for him in the near future.”

Visit Dothan Board of Directors

The board also stated that they continue to have confidence in McCreight’s financial management, however, they say they will continue to monitor the court case in Iowa.

“The Board of Directors of Visit Dothan is very confident in the financial management practices that it
currently has in place and in the confidence that it has placed in Aaron based on the job that he has
done. As the judicial system continues to run its course in Iowa, the Board will stay abreast of the situation and timely consider any new developments that may arise.”

Visit Dothan Board of Directors

This is an evolving case and story. Stay with WDHN for an update on the case tonight.