DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A Dothan man who police say broke into a woman’s home and attempted to rape her and steal several items in July 2021 has received a reduced bond. He is facing multiple charges spanning throughout 2021, with the majority of the charges made in July.

John Thomas Uda, 28, is charged with first-degree attempted rape, 50 counts of voyeurism, aggravated criminal surveillance, first-degree burglary, and two counts of third-degree burglary, among other charges.

Uda’s previous bond was set at around $1 million. His combined bond has now been adjusted to $150,000. $125,000 of that total bond is from voyeurism charges.

Uda was arrested in July 2021 after police claim that he broke into a woman’s home on the 100 Block of Blissett Drive. The woman, who was home at the time, says Uda stole her gaming console after assaulting her.

“There were facts and circumstances with the physical evidence on the night of the burglary on July 10th,” Dothan Police Lt. Scott Owens said. “That led us to believe that one of his motivations for him to be in there, was to sexually assault the victim.”

After police connected Uda to the theft, they then performed a search warrant on his home and found over 400 pairs of female underwear and several electronic devices that showed explicit pictures of women, according to police.

In a separate incident, Uda was charged with aggravated criminal surveillance. Police say a different victim alleged that Uda offered her a ride home and then waited after he dropped her off, where he then attempted to watch her undress through her windows.

Uda is also facing two counts of illegal possession and use of a credit card, investigators found photos of debit card numbers, driver’s license, and other material on his phone.