BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Many alumni from Birmingham-Southern College (BSC) are disappointed, frustrated and sad after a Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge dismissed the college’s lawsuit over what the college argues was a wrongful denial of a loan to the school.

Some BSC alumni said it’s like being part of one, big family.

“That campus is where I met my husband,” says Ellen Potts, a 1988 BSC alumna.

For the Potts family going to BSC is a family tradition.

“The faculty were involved in the lives of the students. My husband was even a pall bearer at one of our professors’ funerals,” said Potts.

Alumni said while BSC is a small, liberal arts school, it has notable graduates who are making big differences in not only the city but all over the state and across the country.

“We have a CMA artist of the year, the Wendy’s girl, we have an emergency room physician, a pediatric emergency room physician in Cincinnati, one of Birmingham’s favorite OBGYNs,” said Veronica Wehby-Upchurch, a 2004 BSC alumna. “One of our alumni is working to preserve voting rights in Alabama, leading the charge for that. You can’t get more important than that for the state, for the citizens of Alabama.”

State Representative Juandalynn Givan has been a fierce advocate for BSC. She said she’s furious that state treasurer Young Boozer denied the school its money. Givan said despite this setback, she wants to see BSC and its students keep fighting to stay open.

“For me, it looks like making more phone calls, sending letters,” said Wehby-Upchurch. “In some of my volunteer advocacy work, I heard a U.S. representative say one time someone asked what it takes for you to pay attention, how many people do you have to hear from to really pay attention? And we were expecting to hear hundreds, thousands, and he said ‘if I get three letters about something, I know it’s important.’”

“Why is the corporate community of Birmingham not stepping up? You have all of these corporations here. We cannot afford to lose Birmingham-Southern,” said Givan. “I’m fighting for this not just for Birmingham-Southern but for an entire community because I know what happens in the black community.”

BSC released a statement saying it is exploring its options and may appeal this decision with the Alabama Supreme Court.