MONTGOMERY, Ala. — UPDATE (2/24): The Alabama Senate has passed a bill that would decriminalize medical marijuana Wednesday.

The vote was 21-8 in favor of the bill. This comes after the bill was passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month 8-3.

The bill will now head to the House for a final vote. The bill has had trouble in the past once it’s hit the House.

ORIGINAL (2/3): The Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee approved a medical marijuana bill Wednesday morning, sending the bill to the full Senate for consideration.

The committee approved the bill in an 8-3 vote.

Medical marijuana is a seemingly revolving door in Montgomery — at least for one senator in the last three legislative sessions.

Sen. Tim Melson hasn’t given up on the journey to make medical marijuana obtainable for some Alabamians.

Under existing Alabama law, if you’re caught in possession of marijuana you could potentially face a felony. Even if you obtain the marijuana legally in another state

Senator Melson’s Compassion Act, or Senate Bill 46, aims to decriminalize medical marijuana in the state of Alabama.

SB 46 would allow qualifying Alabamians, qualified meaning diagnosed with certain medical conditions, to register for and obtain a medical marijuana card.

Melson’s bill would also establish the Medical Cannabis Commission which would monitor the plant from seed to sale.

It should be noted the bill does restrict the way the plant can be used. Smoking, vaping or ingesting marijuana infused baked goods, even in possession of a medical card, would remain illegal in Alabama.

There are currently 36 states that support medical cannabis, including Florida and Mississippi.