AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) — The rolling of two Auburn Oaks at Toomer’s Corner can commence once again after a six-year-long break.

Auburn University said in a press release on Tuesday the oaks are now established enough for the tradition to return.

The original oaks, planted between 1937 and 1939, were removed from the corner in 2013 after being poisoned in 2010.

Two new lives oaks were planted in 2015, but both were removed after being damaged.

The two current Auburn Oaks were planted in February of 2017, and this time, the university asked fans to refrain from rolling until the trees had more time to grow.

“Both trees have made excellent progress since planting took place six years ago and are now considered to have recovered from transplant stress,” said Alex Hedgepath, Auburn University arborist. “Because of the Auburn Family’s commitment, the trees are now established and can withstand rolling and cleanup efforts after Auburn athletic victories. With continued care, we expect the trees to grow vigorously and become further established.”

The care involves a weekly health check including monitoring soil moisture, as well as a bi-annual checkup where soil samples are taken.