MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine will arrive Monday in Alabama in a combined shipment with nearly three times more doses than this week’s Pfizer allocation.

Alabama’s first Moderna shipment will include 84,300 doses of the vaccine, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) confirmed Monday. The FDA authorized the Moderna vaccine Friday for emergency use.

Half of the doses will be administered to hospital healthcare workers at receiving hospitals. A fourth will be administered to additional hospital staff and healthcare workers not associated with the distributing entity. The remaining doses will be split equally among EMS providers and physician offices. ADPH says longterm care residents will be vaccinated through the Federal Pharmacy Program with the help of large chain pharmacies.

Two doses are required of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Recipients of the Moderna vaccine will need another shot after 28 days; for the Pfizer vaccine, it’s 21 days.

More hospitals and pharmacies will be able to store the Moderna vaccine than the Pfizer vaccine, as it requires storage at minus 20 degrees, compared to minus 70 degrees for Pfizer. As with the Pfizer vaccine, additional Moderna vaccine shipments are expected on a weekly basis.

By Friday, 4,489 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines had been administered in Alabama. The state’s second shipment of Pfizer doses, reduced from 48,750 to 29,250 (a 40% decrease), is expected this week. Alabama is among more than a dozen states whose second Pfizer vaccine shipments were significantly cut.