MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — With just under two weeks left until Alabama’s midterm elections, CBS42 sat down with both candidates vying for the open U.S. Senate seat.

Republican Katie Britt and Democrat Will Boyd both say curbing inflation is one of their top priorities if elected, but they differ on how to do so.

Britt says she wants to cut taxes and regulations, as well as roll back government spending.

“As I drive my kids to school or go back and forth to sports practice, all of those things, those gas prices, the grocery prices, all of that adds up, so providing relief for Americans by driving down inflation will be a priority,” Britt said.

Boyd says he supports legislation like the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act. He says too many people in the state are struggling to make ends meet.

“We have people who are working three days just to pay for the mortgage, two days just to pay for the gas, so they barely have any room, any disposable income to do anything else so the economy is number one,” Boyd said.

In addition to addressing inflation, Britt says if elected she’d work to give parents more choice in their child’s education, calling this year the year of the parents.

“So making sure that I’m an advocate for those dollars following students, and parents being empowered in their children’s education is something that I will do each and every day,” Britt said.

Boyd says ensuring affordable and accessible health care is another one of his top priorities. He says he’s spoken to many in rural parts of the state who don’t always have the resources they need.

“In certain rural counties, they don’t even have a healthcare facility. We’ve talked about particularly Pickens County where a person injured in Aliceville has to travel 51 minutes to Tuscaloosa to get treatment. That’s just not right in 2022,” Boyd said.

Both candidates would make Alabama history if elected — Britt as the first woman in the state to hold that office while Boyd would be the state’s first Black senator.

In addition to the senate race, several statewide offices are on the ballot, including for governor, attorney general and secretary of state.