BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – An Alabama man is still waiting for his state refund after filing online in March.

Jerry Coley, who runs JC’s Vintage Cars, says his state refund is $6,100. He says he was hoping to use the funds for his business because, like many in 2020, it was struggling to stay open.

“It fell off a cliff. Nobody was buying or selling. So, we were surviving off of repairs and selling parts,” Coley said.

He says he received his federal return in a short matter of time. He says when he still didn’t get it by July, he reached out to the Department of Revenue on the issue.

“After that, then I decided to track it down through the local office and finally was able to verify that the state does not have the software available to audit 2020 tax returns,” Coley said.

He says they still weren’t able to provide a timeline for when his refund would be fully processed. CBS 42 reached out to the Department of Revenue about the issue. One person within the department told us they are looking into it and will have an answer as soon as possible.

Coley believes he isn’t the only one going through this issue and worries if it isn’t fixed soon, it could have a drastic impact.

“A matter that’s going to make an impact on everyone. Not just one person,” Coley said.

Once CBS 42’s request is answered, we will provide an update.