MERIDIANVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A family with a baby that has special medical needs says they haven’t gotten mail and supplies that are crucial to the child’s survival in more than two months. 

New residents in the Bermuda Lakes subdivision in Meridianville are at a loss especially after not getting a definitive answer as to why the postal service won’t deliver their mail. 

The mother, who declined to be identified, says that her medically fragile newborn baby girl needs tubes for the machine that helps to provide oxygen and medication to help her breathe. Those supplies the family normally gets conveniently through mail delivery. But for them and other new rental residents of the subdivision, no mail has arrived in over 60 days. 

‘’This is an inconvenience to my family and to my daughter,” the mother told News 19. “As of about two months now we have to physically go to the Meridianville post office to pick up the mail.” 

The mother must pack the oxygen machine and supplies while risking the fragile health of the baby to the post office almost daily. 

“It’s very cruel and it’s very challenging when you have a hard time trying to pick up your mail, especially medical supplies for a medically fragile child,” the mom said.  

The family is one of several in rental homes in what is described as the new phase of the subdivision who are not receiving any mail at all. it’s been a huge challenge, especially for the elderly and family caregivers.

Another resident says that her son suffers from respiratory issues that require breathing treatments three or four times a day.

“That requires facemasks with tubes, and they will not deliver them to a post office box,” she said. “Even if I had the option to pay for a post office box the stuff is still not going to get delivered.”

Adding to the resident’s frustration is that the Meridianville Post Office sent a letter dated on September 20 to the residents that read in part, “Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful in establishing the required mode of delivery agreement resulting in all mail being returned to sender as of October 1, 2022.”

But, as a result of our inquiry, a spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service sent us a short statement to News 19, “The district office will be providing another letter with the correct information for customers. The letter will properly clarify the situation and will offer possible solutions. We apologize for the miscommunication.”