MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Alabama is one step closer to getting medical cannabis to patients, as the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission awarded businesses licenses on Monday.

The state legislature legalized medical cannabis in 2021. Now two years later, 21 businesses in the state have been awarded licenses to take part in the industry.

The most sought-after license was for integrated facilities, garnering 38 applications for just 5 available. Businesses labeled as integrated facilities authorize everything from seed to sale and allow for the operation of five dispensaries.

Flowerwood Medical Cannabis Group was awarded that license, and owner Christina McInnis says they’re ready to hit the ground running.

“We got to get to work on the way home today. So we’ve got a lot we have to do, from security system to websites, to other different things to make sure we can get the information out,” McInnis said.

The company is based in Baldwin County, and McInnis says they plan to open dispensaries in that county as well as in Mobile, Monroeville, Gadsden and Montgomery.

However, other applicants weren’t so lucky. Antoine Mordican’s company, Native Black Cultivation, was denied a cultivator license.

“We’ll do whatever we need, appeals, investigation, whatever it takes to really understand the reason why we weren’t selected to make sure we can put our best effort forward for the next go around,” Mordican said.

The University of South Alabama evaluated each application, scoring them based on factors like financial ability, facility security and quality control. The commission took those scores into consideration for their votes.

Sen. Bobby Singleton cosponsored the bill that made this all possible. He says once the industry is up and running, the legislature may look into expanding.

“Between now and the next five years, we might be looking at opening up this legislation again, to be able to grow this industry,” Singleton said.

He also says this could open the door for legalizing recreational cannabis down the road.

“I didn’t say it but yeah,” Singleton said. “If you look at what other states have down, other states have come back within 18 months after passing medical to do recreational, and tax dollars drive that. So it’ll be interesting to see what my colleagues see when dollars start rolling in, when we start getting testimonies from people saying it helps.”

The applicants who were awarded have 14 days to submit the license fee to the commission, which will officially issue licenses at the July 10 meeting.

Here is a full list of the businesses awarded licenses:

  • Integrated Facility License
    • Flowerwood Medical Cannabis, LLC
    • Southeast Cannabis Company, LLC
    • Sustainable Alabama, LLC
    • TheraTrue Alabama, LLC
    • Verano Alabama, LLC
  • Cultivator License
    • Blackberry Farms, LLC
    • Gulf Shore Remedies, LLC
    • Pure by Sirmon Farms, LLC
    • Twisted Herb Cultivation, LLC
  • Processor License
    • 1819 Labs, LLC
    • Enchanted Green, LLC
    • Jasper Development Group Inc.
    • Organic Harvest Lab, LLC
  • Dispensary License
    • CCS of Alabama, LLC
    • RJK Holdings AL, LLC
    • Statewide Property Holdings AL, LLC
    • Yellowhammer Medical Dispensaries, LLC
  • Secure Transport License
    • Alabama Secure Transport, LLC
    • International Communication, LLC
    • Tyler Van Lines, LLC
  • State Testing Laboratory License
    • Certus Laboratories