MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Lawmakers are back in Montgomery for the organizational session this week, electing House and Senate leaders and voting on rule changes.

In the House, members nominated former Majority Leader Nathaniel Ledbetter to be Speaker.

“He knows how to lead the party while at the same time reaching out to the other side of the aisle to accomplish the best compromise possible,” Rep. Randall Shedd (R- Arab) said.

The Rainsville representative received unanimous support before making remarks. Ledbetter outlined his vision for the upcoming session, saying the state needs to do more to battle fentanyl, expand broadband and improve the adoption process.

“While we’ve streamlined the process for private adoption agencies to operate in the state, too many children still crave the sense of security that only a stable home and loving parents provide. We have got to do more,” Ledbetter said.

The House also voted on rules for how the body operates. One rule change allows bills to go to a second committee after passing the first one without having to go to the full house for a vote on individual amendments.

Now, when the bill is out of committees, all of the amendments will be voted on at once.

“It’ll help us make smoother session days. Also gives the chance for more people to come in committee meetings and hear what’s going on,” Ledbetter said.

Minority Leader Anthony Daniels says overall he is pleased with the rules despite any disagreements between parties.

“We’re starting off right. There have been many concessions and things that have changed in the rules since as late as last night. Some of the concerns we’ve had since last week when I saw the first draft. It could have been worse,” Daniels said.

Lawmakers reconvene Wednesday in a joint session for the second day of the organizational session.

There were no leadership changes in the upper chamber. Sen. Greg Reed was re-elected President Pro-Tem, and Sen. Bobby Singleton as Minority Leader.

Committee assignments are expected to be announced Friday.