MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — The Alabama House unanimously approved the state’s General Fund Budget Tuesday.

It is a roughly $3 billion spending plan, largely in line with Gov. Kay Ivey’s requests. The record-high proposal for fiscal year 2024 tops the $2.7 billion plan approved last year.

It includes increases to several state agencies, the largest of which includes the Alabama Department of Public Health, which would get about $112 million under this bill, a 47% increase. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency would receive about $112 million, a 35% increase.

The Departments of Corrections, Mental Health, Human Resources and more will also see increases.

“We’ll monitor it closely going forward. I feel very confident going through the ’24 session based on the numbers we passed this budget on, but we’ll always keep our eyes on it and see what’s going on in the economy,” House Budget Chairman Rep. Rex Reynolds (R- Huntsville) said.

The General Fund is one of the two main budgets lawmakers must constitutionally pass. They will also consider the Education Trust Fund, which brought in more than $1 billion in surplus last fiscal year.

Political Analyst Steve Flowers says that’s where there may be some more disagreement.

“They’ve got a healthy surplus. When that’s the case, then there’s more acrimony and debating and fighting over that surplus than when there’s less money. And everyone seems to have an agenda,” Flowers said.

The General Fund bill next heads to the Senate for consideration.