Alabama House and Senate convene for 2022 session

Alabama News

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — The Alabama Legislature began the 2022 session on Tuesday.

According to several lawmakers on both sides and CBS 42 Political Analyst Steve Flowers, the top priority of the 2022 session is to pass the yearly budget, given it being an election year.

While Tuesday’s proceedings would be considered a day to get into the swing of things, both republicans and democrats are eager to get the session under way.

“And we have one common goal: that is to serve and represent the people,” District 73 Kenneth Paschal (R) said.

According to Representative Paschal, one bill expected to be discussed in the coming days is a permit less carry bill, which would allow Alabamians to carry without a permit. The bill has garnered criticism from some law enforcement in the state.

House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels doesn’t believe the permit less carry bill is something Alabamians want. He also disagrees with other certain issues with the GOP.

“When I see us focusing on issues like CRT, which really doesn’t exist in our K-12 system. Or permit less carry, I think about the 17,000 families, people that’s without a family member today as a result of COVID-19,” Daniels said.

COVID relief funds were also a topic within the house. Several democrats raised concerns about the Department of Treasury’s recent ruling that states the state spending $400 million to build new prisons with relief money is “inappropriate.” Many like Representative Neil Rafferty (D) believe there are plenty of other things to use the relief money for.

“I think that the more appropriate use of this would be dealing with childcare, housing, education, healthcare. All the things that people have really been feeling during the COVID crisis,” Rafferty said.

Rafferty also mentioned democrats want to have more discussions about voting rights in the state, too.

This session is expected not to last past March.

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