HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Back in 2018, the owners of the Holiday Inn raised concerns to Huntsville city leaders about how the proposed mid-city district would affect their business.

Now, the hotel owners have filed a lawsuit claiming that “The Camp” at MidCity plays “amplified music at deafening volumes that violates the city’s noise ordinance.” 

The attorneys for the proprietor, Madison Square Hotel, with its Holiday Inn located next door to the camp, claim that the music and other noises are so loud at the camp that it causes the windows to rattle and vibrate at the hotel.  

The Camp has been a very popular spot in MidCity with both day and night live music that has seen the crowds grow each year. But Madison Square Hotel is suing its neighbor, claiming that the late-night live music and profanity is disturbing its customers.  

The lawsuit also claims that the camp is not following the city noise ordinance which has an entertainment cut-off time of 11 p.m. while keeping the music at a certain decibel point described in that ordinance.  

In that lawsuit there are over a dozen Holiday Inn customer reviews from 2022. One of those customers claimed that “the business next door and its blaring music ruined our relaxation and sleep time.” Some said they would find another place to stay in the future.  

The camp is located less than 100 yards from the hotel on University Drive. MidCity is now considered an arts and entertainment district.  

The general manager of the Holiday Inn told News 19 that it is unfortunate that they had to file a lawsuit, but they are just standing up for the rights of their guests.   

The defendants named in the lawsuit include RCP Companies, MidCity owners and Octo Hospitality.  

Attorneys for the defendants would not comment on the lawsuit. 

You can read the entire filing here.