91-year-old ‘Bicycle Man’ repairs, gives 30 bikes to DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office for children in need

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(DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office)

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office received quite the visit from the “Bicycle Man” on Wednesday.

Leon McClung, who has earned the nickname the “Bicycle Man” for his efforts in gifting bikes during the holiday season, dropped 30 new rides to the sheriff’s office. McClung said all the bikes are in working condition now and should be given to a child in need.

“This is such a great service that Mr. McClung provides for children in need. He not only donates bicycles to children in DeKalb County but to several other counties in our area,” Sheriff Nick Welden said.

Now 91, McClung gathers damaged and discarded bikes and returns them to working condition with the intent to provide them to someone without throughout the year. Several of the bikes the “Bicycle Man” fixed in this latest batch were actually found by DCSO deputies.

McClung also attached a note to every single bike that reads:

“Hi, take a look at these 91-year-old hands. God has guided these hands to move over every part of this bicycle to make sure it is in the best looking and working order as possible.”

“I hope you cherish and take care of it as much as I have enjoyed fixing it for you. Now as it leaves these hands and goes into your hands, may God guide your hands to have many days of enjoyment from riding this bike.”

“May it guide you to always be looking to God for guidance in your life also. If you do this the joy you knew from riding the bike will be much greater by following his guidance in your life.”

Leon “Bicycle Man” McClung

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