PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) – The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and The U.S. Marshalls conducted a ‘Proactive Crime Suppression’ in the City of Prichard from July 31 to Aug. 5.

Mobile County Sheriff Paul Birch said MCSO took 72 people into custody with 156 charges. Of those charges, 90 of them were felonies and 66 of them were misdemeanors.

Burch said MCSO seized 18 handguns and three rifles.

“Any gun, big or small, it only takes one bullet to kill somebody in the wrong hands,” Burch said. “Because of the capacity and the power behind it, I mean, it’s a defense weapon, but it can also create a lot of damage,” Burch said, pointing to a picture of one of the confiscated Armalite Rifles.

Prichard residents said they noticed crime slow down when patrols increased.

“I consider someone who afraid to come out of their home and let their children or grandchildren play in their front yard, they’re a victim in their own home,” Burch said. “I promised the people in Prichard that we would show a force and help to reduce violent crime in that area.”

Most of the people arrested already had an outstanding warrant for their arrests.

Burch said MCSO got help from the U.S. Marshalls because of the loopholes that may criminals use to evade authorities.

“A good bit of research goes into where they’re actually laying their head, what kind of vehicles they drive and those kinds of things,” Burch said.

A majority of the operation was conducted near a small stretch of Highway 45. Burch said everything went smoothly besides minor injuries that were sustained in a car accident during the operation.

“We’re not just focusing in Prichard,” Burch said. “We’ve got some other operations planned in other parts of the county that will be kicking off soon.”

Burch said to report a crime in your area, visit