This Living Local segment is sponsored by the United Way Area Agency on Aging.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local) – In addition to supporting more than eighty partner agencies throughout our six-county area, United Way of Central Alabama operates many programs itself and provides services directly to our community. One of the services provided by the United Way Area Agency on Aging is SenioRx.

We sat down with Susan Hackney who explains what the program is and who it benefits. 

“It is for lower income individuals, but we encourage everybody to call to see if there might be some assistance.” Hackney explains.

SenioRx is a prescription-drug assistance program designed to help qualifying Alabamians receive free or reduced-costs prescription medications that treat chronic conditions like asthma or heart conditions.

“There’s so many people who aren’t able to afford their medications for these conditions, and the medications are very expensive,” says Hackney. It’s something you can’t take a half dose of and get the full benefit.”

Hackney also told us about senior client who had diabetes and was not able to afford her full dose of insulin. “She had Medicare part d, but it just wasn’t covering things so (that) she could afford her medication.” After completing the process, the client told Hackney “Thank you so much. You saved my life.” The client had not been taking her medication as prescribed and as a result, she had previously suffered a heart attack. With SenioRx’s assistance, the client was able to get the medication she needed.

Call 1-800-243-5463 for direct access to SenioRx and all other AAA services. There is no cost to join.